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Drive more sales and Increase conversions rates by up to 90% using AI.

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Define, Automate, Engage

Start like no-code with templates. Tweak and with integrate to any service effortlessly

A cell phone with a text message that reads, get 15 % discount off my.

Auto responses, and no delays. Ever

60% Rise in Productivity

Deploy Chatbots to filters first level of inbound conversations

3.5 billion users on all platform

Reach out to your customers on their favourites messaging app

90% Message Open Rate

Messaging channel performs better than emails.

Every Thing you Need for a Complete AI Assitant

Build AI bot

Find tunes, Deploys, and Engage
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Power of AI

A picture of a car in a parking garage.

Generate Image

Develop image bots for image generation and editing, utilizing models Dall-E as needed.
A blue and white speech bubble with sound waves.

Voice Bot

Use OpenAI Voice and Text-to-Speech models to send and receive voice messages with audio responses.

Text Bot

Leverage voice, text, and various models to create a robust business bot.

Send Data & Get Data

Send & receive Data from excel Sheet to build & maintain database

Why Double Tick

Dm Automation 🚀

Integrate AI to automate reply to any Query
Hey! Need Some Help 👏
Of Course! I am here to assist you if you need any help just tell me.

Auto Assign Coversations

Auto Assign conversation to expert according to expertise
Hello! How Are You?
Hey! 👋🏽


Connect with your clients from different platform in one messaging channel

Built in Growth Templates

Premium Templates for a start in Minutes


Keep your clients informed and engaged by sending them updates and offers.

Segment audience

Categorize audience to send Personalized offers
A group of people with different facial expressions.

QR Code

Share your Ai Assistant anywhere

Chatbot analytics

Know your Bot in performance

Train on your data


Chat funnel

Strategize and automate your chats

Built in integrations

Connect with your favorite apps to boost Built in channel

Drag & Drop Builder

easily move and arrange elements and simplifying tasks and enhancing user experience.


Communicate in multiple languages seamlessly.



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Unlimited Keywords
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Train on your data
Personalized landing Page
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Frequently Asked Questions

Double Tick saves costs by replacing full teams with AI, consolidating software, and automating tasks like appointments, product recommendations, maintaining databases, omnichannel engagement, auto follow-ups, checkouts, updates, and reminders.

Double Tick offers 24/7 instant response, personalized offers, automated updates, appointment scheduling, follow-up automation, e-commerce integration, campaign management, comment and story auto-reply, and email capture.

Double Tick offers unlimited contacts, broadcasts, and admins, supports multiple platforms, and leverages AI for enhanced efficiency and scalability.

No, Double Tick is a no-code software. Our user-friendly interface and comprehensive documentation make it easy for anyone to set up and customize the chatbot according to their specific needs.

Yes, they can. Ensure you have data in other languages to train AI effectively.

Double Tick streamlines operations, enhances engagement, and drives sales. It automates tasks, nurtures leads instantly, books appointments, and boosts organic reach. It's a valuable tool for scaling your brand effectively.

Simply add your business information after connecting to AI. Refer to our documentation, YouTube videos, and 24/7 email support for assistance.

While Double Tick's AI is ideal for startups, small businesses, and content creators to handle repetitive tasks while maintaining quality 24/7, human teams are still necessary for more complex tasks as your business grows.

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